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03- 2010 in action
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ICAR, located near Mirabel, QC, hosted the first round of Superbike Canadian Championship last weekend. Geneviève Lesieur attended and was competing in the Women’s Canadian Championship (WCC) as well as in the Pro600 race.

The WCC race took place before the Pro600 and Geneviève was third on the grid. Although she wanted to keep her stamina for the Pro600 race, she knew she still had to perform at her best in the WCC race as the competition is quite fierce. In spite of a mediocre start, Geneviève managed to hold on to her third place spot. Caught behind the second-placed rider for a few laps, she finally managed to overtake her and started to chase down the race leader… but it was too little, too late, though, as the leader had too much of a lead to mount a challenge. Nevertheless, Geneviève got the second spot on the podium at ICAR.

Not long after the WCC’s podium ceremony, Geneviève was on track for the Pro600 race. She managed a rocket-fast start, speeding down the front straight and handling her bike deftly in the curves. However, another racer bumped into Geneviève’s bike, ripping the fairing off of it and running over her foot. With all the adrenaline pumping in her blood, she didn't feel the pain and pushed on. As the two racers entered turn two, Geneviève tried to slow down but realized that the bike’s shifter did not survive the last lap’s incident!

By then the pain in her foot was so intense that Geneviève was forced to stop near the edge of the track, in a safe spot, instead of going back to the pit. The ambulance was dispatched to her rescue… Fortunately, nothing was broken! Relieved by the news, she took advantage of the red flag to effect repairs on the bike. She managed to be ready on time but had to take the restart from the last spot on the grid. Geneviève still managed to pulverize last year’s personal best laptime by 3.4 seconds on the second lap as well as beat her best lap of the weekend by 1.3 seconds.

Unfortunately, Geneviève had to abandon mid-race, as she could not maintain a good rhythm and continue to push her bike to the limit. All in all, she is quite satisfied with the weekend’s results. A second spot on the podium, much better lap times than last year's, the sun and the cheering crowd: Geneviève had a blast and is more than impatient to be on track for the next round!


Second round, R.A.C.E Shannonville (Long Track)
Pilot Genevieve Lesieur started 11th on the grid in the PRO 600 Class in the second round of R.A.C.E. Because of an mediocre start, she found herself behind the main party, but after a few turns and hard work, she managed to finish 10th all the while reducing the gap between her and the pilot preceding her.

Lesieur said she was very satisfied with her result: "The important thing for me is that I am getting more confident and comfortable at each race. I also beat my personal record on this track by 2.7 seconds—which is huge—and I garnered a second Top 10 in this category… That's very positive! A lot of set up had to be made on Saturday and the bike was in perfect shape for race day. I have not felt that much beautiful perfection on my machine since a while! I want to thank MobilePG and Accelerated Technologies for their valuable help on this. I learn a lot from these professionals by watching them work and heeding their advice. "

The pilot raced only in one class during this weekend: "I hope to make a few rounds of the Women's Cup this summer and also participate in the Superbike, but I have chosen to put all my energy in a class I could complete entirely instead of splitting myself among several classes. This helps my concentration, and facilitate setting myself objectives and gain personal improvement."

Lesieur would like to thank Patrice Cantin, Sean Huffman, Mary-LN, Patrice Goyette, John Sharrard, and its sponsors: Sport Patoine, Laval Moto, Suzuki Canada, Mobile PG, Motovan (Zox Teknic), Taz Grafix, Hipertech, Hardgym performance, Universe Gym Fitness, Acceleration + Hotbodies Racing, Castor Bleu, Tamadeo, and Bleu Outremer.

Be there at the next race, the only Parts Canada National Championships round in Quebec, at ICAR (Mirabel), May 28-29-30.


First race of the 2010 season
The first round of the 2010 R.A.C.E regional championship took place at Shannonville Motorsports Park (Ontario) on the Nelson configuration.

Those who know SMP will tell you that there is a sort of micro-climate in the area, and despite a threatening weather forecast, the first round saw warm temperatures and bright sun.

Lesieur participated in the Pro600 race and slotted into 11th place on the starting grid. After a successful start, she achieved her best time of the weekend and moved up into 9th place at the finish line: "My MobilePG-built GSX-R was working so well, we had made major chassis changes for Saturday practice and I’ve never ridden the bike that way, but it worked well and was very nimble! I tested a new tire during the race, which is not in my habit, but the result was also positive. The last time I rode that layout was in 2008 and I am very satisfied with my result. I feel that in this race I was most at ease since I started in the professional classes.”

Genevieve did not participate in the RACE Women’s Open for this round since only 2 other competitors were present, she chose to focus on the races which are of most importance to her personal achievements. Lesieur would like to thank: Patrice Cantin, Sean Huffman, Marie-LN, Jeff Lowe, John Sharrard, Kevin Graham, and sponsors: Sport Patoine, Laval Moto, Suzuki Canada, MobilePG, Motovan (Zox Teknic), Taz Grafix, Hipertech, Hardgym Performance, Fitness Universe, Acceleration Racing/Hotbodies, Castor Bleu and Tamadeo Technologies.

Next race: Shannonville Motorsports Park, Ontario (Long track), May 14th to 16th.



february 1st
2010 motorcycle race season

The 2010 racing season approaches, and as we all prepare for the year to come, Genevieve Lesieur told us about her goals and her preparation for this new year of competition.

Lesieur, who rode for the first time in 2009 at the professional level in Canada, said that she was pleased with what she learned. Although it was difficult season, she said it was also one of the most rewarding, boosting her motivation for 2010: "I was not expecting an easy year and I dove in with my sole objective being to improve my riding. I learned a lot and I feel more than ready to continue to progress as a rider, perseverance always pays dividends! ".

Lesieur will participate once again in three championships, including the RACE Superseries in Ontario and the Parts Canada Superbike Championship, both in the Pro600 category, as well as the Women's Cup Challenge in the expert category. She will again be mounted on a Sports Patoine / Laval Moto Suzuki GSXR600.

She would like to take this opportunity to announce her collaboration with Patrice Goyette of MobilePG, a well renowned tuner in the racing world with a rock solid reputation. Lesieur tells us more about this new partnership: "My bike will be fully prepared by Patrice and I am very eager to try it on the track! It is a great opportunity to be supported by someone as professional and experienced as he is, I’m very grateful. I have absolute confidence in his work, and will pay the utmost attention to his advice" said Lesieur with enthusiasm. She is also proud to announce that Sport Patoine, Laval Moto, Suzuki Canada, Motovan, Taz Grafix, Hipertech, GPR stabilizer, Hardgym, Univers Gym Fitness, Castor Bleu energy drinks, Acceleration Racing, Tamadeo technologies and Télémag Quebec will be partners again for the 2010 season.

The rider will be found in the pits with her new teammate, professional rider Sean Huffman (# 777). "Sean and I had the opportunity to work together during the 2009 season, in addition to the fun we have riding together, we are confident we can help each other progress throughout the season“ said Lesieur, without forgetting the help of her husband, who participates actively in the activities of the team since her debut in competition. Genevieve will also receive advice from experienced French competitor Olivier Lamy, who will occasionally travel overseas to give a boost to the team. Huffman, Lamy and Lesieur will kick off their season with a test session at Jennings (Florida) in March.

Don’t forget to come and support Genevieve and see her new bike, painted by Taz Grafix at the Suzuki Canada booth during the upcoming motorcycle shows in Quebec (February 6-7-8) and Montreal (26-27 -28 February). Race season in Canada begins on April 30th at Shannonville (Ontario), with the RACE Superseries. Follow Genevieve Lesieur through her website at genevievelesieur.com or come encourage her at the track!

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